Uncategorized Three Days In Summerland Three Days in Summerland Could you use a little dose of summer vacation right about now? Then it’s time to plan a memorable three-day weekend at Summerland. Just five miles south of Santa Barbara, Summerland is the quintessential California beach town. Just head south on Highway 101 to Lookout Park Road (exit 91) and make […]
Uncategorized Santa Ynez Valley Real Estate Report through December 2020 | Village Properties Realtors
Uncategorized Santa Barbara Real Estate Report through December 2020 | Village Properties Realtors
Uncategorized Village Properties joins the launch of Forbes Global Properties VILLAGE PROPERTIES JOINS THE LAUNCH OF FORBES GLOBAL PROPERTIES — A NEW LUXURY REAL ESTATE CONSUMER MARKETPLACE AND MEMBERSHIP NETWORK. Throughout our 25-year history, we have continuously pushed ourselves to add more value and exposure for our clients. Like most, we thrive on long-term relationships and meaningful personal connections. With this in mind, we are […]
Uncategorized Getting Your Property Ready For Market The Village Properties Way When preparing to list your property, there are many crucial steps you must take. Gone are the days when you rushed to list and hoped for the best. Modern buyers are educated and know exactly what they want in their search for the perfect property. And most of all, they won’t settle — they want […]
Uncategorized The Future Of State Street In Downtown Santa Barbara No other street in Santa Barbara is as well-known as State Street. It is this special street that’s at the very core of our downtown area. Over the summer, a small army of Santa Barbara-based architects let their imaginations run wild with numerous possibilities for the State Street of tomorrow. The ideas for the famed […]
Uncategorized THREE DAYS IN SANTA BARBARA This month, we’ve decided to share one of our own Village Properties’ Agent’s top picks with you for a three-day fall weekend, Santa Barbara-style. This is a fantastic bit of information to share along with your out-of-town friends. Enjoy! Are you ready for a fall getaway before the hectic pace of the holidays sets in? Santa […]
Uncategorized From Our London Office | Comment on the US Real Estate Market I Wish   Nick Churton of our London office has some thoughts for home buyers and sellers who wish they could see into the future. Don’t you wish that just once you could have a sure-fire tip about the perfect time to buy and/or sell an investment?   If only you or your parents had […]
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Uncategorized South Coast Real Estate Market Update | Second Quarter 2020 South Coast Real Estate Market Update | Second Quarter 2020 By Jackie Walters, Village Properties   As one might imagine, with the unfolding impacts of Covid-19, real estate sales activity for the Santa Barbara South Coast for the first two quarters of 2020 has seen some dramatic shifts. The Village Properties family is here to […]
Uncategorized Self-Care During COVID-19 Pandemic Right now might be the most difficult time of all to practice self-care. But despite the current state of the world, it’s important that we still take time for ourselves. Many of us are feeling down and super stressed, among other overwhelming feelings. When the weight of the world starts to feel like too much, […]
Uncategorized American Heart Association + Village Properties | How To Minimize Coronavirus Risk  
Uncategorized May Day Virtual Cash Mob Taken from montecitocashmob.com. It takes a Village to Save a Village In response to the economic crisis related to the Covid-19 pandemic, Montecito Journal, with help from the 93108Fund, the Coast Village Association, and the Montecito Association, present Montecito’s May Day Virtual Cash Mob on Friday, May 1st, through Sunday, May 3rd. Help bring economic […]
Uncategorized We’re still here. Working together. Stronger than ever. We are proud to be affiliated with Luxury Portfolio, the largest global network of the most powerful independent luxury firms, and stand strong with our member companies around the country. We’re still here. Working together. Stronger than ever.
Uncategorized Stay-at-Home Virtual Tours of Exciting Places With stay-at-home orders in place, many of us have lots of extra time on our hands. When cleaning out your closets or going for a long walk doesn’t sound tempting, there are other ways you can pass the time. And if you love learning about history, art, and seeing animals in action, then virtual tours […]
Uncategorized Community Support   Now more than ever, we all need to band together. Here in Santa Barbara, there are several businesses that are here to support you during this difficult time for us all. As we fight to flatten the curve of this global pandemic, our community is working together to help each other out during this […]
Uncategorized What’s Cooking In Santa Barbara?   During this time, it is now more important than ever to support our local eateries in Santa Barbara. From the people who own them to the dedicated servers and other restaurant staff who work at these establishments, they need our support now more than ever.  Does the idea of cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner […]
Uncategorized Santa Ynez Real Estate Report | February 2020